Meet the people born and bred in Chania, as well as those who have chosen Chania as their place of permanent residence, and peep through the keyhole of local life.

As it applies in almost every destination, for a traveler to be able to say that they have truly gotten to know a place is when they have given themselves the opportunity to extend their experience beyond tourist guides’ suggestions and immerse into local life with an open heart. Chania’s captivating soul and spirit is indisputably encapsulated within local life, mentality, ethos and psyche. Many places around the world can boast about their outstanding architecture and city planning, the fascinating museums and monuments as well the magnificent landscapes; Chania is certainly one of them and checks all of the above boxes to an unparalleled degree. However, the essence of every place is found in its people, culture and traditions; and the people of Chania – and of Crete in general – are very unique, appealing and enchanting. When you are visiting Chania, don’t miss out on a chance to engage in a conversation with a local, ask them for information or any suggestions about something or somewhere. Don’t be too surprised if you get more out the conversation from what you were bargaining for..! Locals are very eager to help out, suggest, and even give you an impromptu invitation at a gathering! You will get to know how the people of Chania relate to their city, each other and to visitors; how they have developed their own mentality for living well, which is basic yet deep, down-to-earth yet almost philosophical. Be prepared for your travel to Chania, by learning more from the locals’ perspective and how they go about in their daily life.