It's always a good idea to enjoy and discover a destination following the insightful suggestions of the locals. And this is more than true for Chania.

Chania is a destination with myriads of options, attractions and things to do, that a lifetime is literally not enough to experience it all. So, you have to choose wisely among them. And most of the time it’s better to do the things that locals do, especially if authenticity and getting to know the local culture better, is your priority when traveling.

Another advantage of following the locals’ tips is that they have followed by people that more knowledgeable of the location than you. So, after visiting all the great monuments, attractions and must-see spots that all visitors in Chania should include in their itinerary, allow some extra time for a deeper understanding of Chania and its local culture, by also engaging in activities where the people around you will be mostly locals.