Story after story, a colorful and intricate weft is being woven for centuries on end that captivates the Cretan spirit and swathes this magnificent city.

Each story is unique and fascinating. Each twist in the plot offers a different angle of point of view. There is nothing flat about these stories and they can only be compared to the meandrous alleys of the Old Town of Chania.

Perhaps not from the get go, but as a visitor giving a second stare into the local society, it seems like everyone living here is carving his / her own path. Gifted and loaded with a rich cultural heritage, people from all walks of life – and in the last decades from every corner of the world, who have chosen to stay and thrive here – are writing, day by day, chapter by chapter, the story of their lives. A story that seems common, yet it is so unique and personal at the same time. A story of the ever-growing human spirit and temperament, and how the human nature has found its most profound and authentic way of expressing itself here, in this blessed land. In these pages you will read about people of Chania who have opened up about real life experiences in Chania that elevated them as well as fascinating stories of the past that paved the way to modern Chania. Storytelling is what connects us across the world and across generations.