The headquarters of Chania Tourism Bureau are found in the heart of Chania city, in the building housing the Municipality’s Administration, on 53 Milonogianni St.

Its operation initiated back in 1986 and there one can find all the necessary information on tourism relating to the Municipality as well as to the whole Prefecture of Chania. Our friendly staff is available all year round on the weekdays, during office hours from 09:00 to 15:00 and during the high season there are additional info points set in central locations of the city.
The Chania Tourism Bureau also undertakes the upkeep and operations of the entire Marketing ecosystem that runs behind -and sometimes in front of- the scenes. Website, social media, advertising campaigns, researches and synergies with the hospitality industry of Chania, are all in the office’s agenda on a yearly basis.


This website was backed by several people, in and out of the Municipality, all sharing in common an enthusiasm and an eagerness to digitally present the Municipality’s touristic value, in the best way possible.

The brief given to the appointed studio taking up the task was to present Chania, by putting an emphasis on the personal stories of its residents and professionals, combined with the plethora of sightseeing and landscapes. The tagline “City of Many Tales” was inspired by the world-class known novel, written by Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities” and was received with great enthusiasm. Putting together the historical wealth of the city along with the personal stories of its residents and locals, creates a fascinating mosaic narrative which enables the digital visitor to have an authentic and realistic impression of what one may experience, during a visit at the enchanting city of Chania.


Approved and supported by the Mayor Mr Panagiotis Simandirakis, planned and supervised by the Deputy Mayor of Tourism Mr Ioannis Giannakakis , and followed through by Project Manager & Special Advisor of Tourism affairs for the Municipality, Mr Nikos Alexakis,  this project jump started in winter of 2020.

Lime Creative Branding Agency is a local company that undertook the task and literally made it their own. Mr Gregory Tsakiris,( C.E.O.) has been all over this project from day one, Mrs Eva Trezou (Senior Copywriter) is behind the pen that researched and wrote volumes about our Municipality, the web designing team, who envisioned the colorful and magazine-like interpretation you see now and last bu not least, the programming team that brought to digital life the entire project.

Special thanks to all of the participants of the Chania Tourism Instagram takeover, Evan Possley, Eva Trezou, George Nikolakakis, Nikos Zanidakis and George Galanakis for offering their perspective of Chania and their valuable content, when needed the most.