In the villages of Chania, the locals are still inextricably tied to their land and totally dependent on their production. Village life is not for the faint- hearted. Perhaps the profits are marginal but the rewards are priceless and Cretans want to share their love for their motherland with their guests.

If you are interested in a travelling experience that goes beyond the basic travel guide, Chania is the place where one can genuinely immerse into authentic Cretan life. There are so many remote rural villages that are kept intact and unspoiled by heavy touristic development; if there is any at all! In Chania, communities in the rural areas still cherish the production of quality food from their land, and at the same time they are eager to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with their guests. It is the perfect destination that combines the authenticity of the countryside with the open-hearted hospitality of the village communities, where guests and visitors are welcomed to try out agritourism activities and take part in every step of the production process. This engagement builds friendly relationships between locals and visitors only to be treated as members of their own families, at the end of the day.

The agricultural products of Chania are renowned all over Greece and abroad. From olives and olive oil, to delicious vegetables and fruits, to the exceptional local wines and the raki or tsikoudia spirit, the land of Chania is blessed; it is blessed to have the just the right climate, just the right ingredients and the just the right people to bring to life farm products of the highest quality.