They say a localist is that person who strongly believes that his/her city is the most beautiful in the world. And how can I not be a localist when Chania has proven to be one of the most beautiful and world known cities according to Greek and foreign visitors, flocking to the city every year.

I have been living in Chania for the last 30 years (my entire life), I work in the tourism sector and I can safely say that I know my birth city inside and out. Life in Chania is simple, traditional, and innocent and I find it very difficult to ever choose to immigrate to another place. The only period I stayed elsewhere was when I was I student at the University of Rehymno, studying at the Department of Philosophical and Social Studies. The one hour drive distance was enough for me to feel homesick and return to Chania every weekend. I love travelling and having the opportunity to discover new cultures and civilizations, however I equally love to return to my hometown.