In Chania and for the rest of Crete as well, traditions and local customs are very much current, alive and relatable to modern life on the island.

Perhaps more so than any other part of Greece, the range and wealth of local customs and traditions in Crete are still celebrated the exact same way people used to celebrate and honor centuries ago. Most of them are linked to the Greek Orthodox Christian religion however there is an infusion of paganist rituals as well, that date back even further back in the distant past of the island. There are also traditions that are linked with the seasonality of crops and the development of the herds, upon which the local population was dependent for their survival.

As it has been observed, in most small scale, rural communities across the world, the people are dependent upon the seasons, the land and the goods it has to offer. In fact, so much so that the time periods during which, produce is harvested and collected and animals are sheered and slaughtered, these times are celebrated and honored as a way to show appreciation, blessing and humility to the mother land. Religion and local seasonality are of course inextricably linked.