My name is Sevastianna and I am a professional licensed tourist guide in Greece. I come originally from Athens but I chose to live in Chania many years ago, because I fell in love with the town itself and the nature around it.

I have been working in different parts of Greece, but I mainly dedicate my time to this amazing island which always surprises me with its unexpected beauty. It is a great pleasure to see the sparkle in the eyes of my guests when they marvel at every corner, street, alley of the old town of Chania, every hidden treasure I reveal to them during our walking tour there. It is a unique feeling to see that they also appreciate very much the diverse landscape only a few minutes outside of the town, something that I admire as well after all these years. It only takes a short ride with the car to reach the fantastic mountains, the lush winding gorges, the beautiful sandy pink beaches, the interesting ongoing excavations which bring to light all the long and complicated past of the region and the island, as well as the various monasteries with their Venetian architecture and their brilliant collection of byzantine icons.