Chania is as much a challenging destination for the body as a rejuvenating and relaxing one. Depending upon the expectations and goals you have set for this trip, Chania is a place where you can try almost anything when it comes to physical activities.

Chania attracts all sorts of visitors and globetrotters of all age groups. Taking aside the advantageous assets of the summer landscapes and its world known beaches, Chania is equally known and popular for its numerous outdoor activities such as trekking, mountaineering, hiking, caving, scuba diving, sup, etc. etc. Respectively for those who seek inner peace, tranquility, harmony and ‘namaste’ kind of retreat, Chania has developed a tight network of alternative practices and activities, indoor and outdoor that rejuvenate the body and harmonize you mind.

As a modern city, Chania owns many sports clubs and associations at both team and individual sports, with a long history of distinctions, wins, cups and records. Around the year there are numerous sports events, races, matches and local championships that one could attend and enjoy. Professional trainers and well equipped facilities can provide everything one may need in terms of training and enjoying the sport of preference.