One of its kind, Russian Orthodox architecture.

If there is one Orthodox church that definitely stands out from the rest of the churches in Chania’s entire prefecture, that is the church of St Magdalene in Chalepa neighborhood. In a big plot surrounding the church with trees and a garden, opposite the house of the then High Commissioner of Crete, Prince George and the house of Eleftherios Venizelos, St Magdalene was built in 1901 by Prince George himself, however funded by the Grand Duke George of Russia. The reason was to honor the former’s sister and the latter’s wife, Maria the Grande Duchesse of Russia. In 1903 the church was officially dedicated to Maria Magdalene.

St Magdalene church holds all the typical features of Russian ecclesiastic architecture. The dome is replaced by a rectangular blue roof, the typical tall bell tower attached to the structure is detached and significantly shorter than the church itself and the seven arches that hold the roof at each side, are ornamented with vivid red bricks. The church’s surrounding park provides a good spot for relaxation and for local kids to play. Te church itself, because of its authentic beauty, is very popular to the locals for holding religious ceremonies and mass.

Municipal Unit: Chania (Chalepa)
Working hours: Every day
Entrance: Free (with appropriate clothes)