The Metropolis of Chania in the heart of the Old Town.

At the center of Chania, dominates the historical Trimartiri, the Cathedral Temple of Chania or else, the Temple of Eisodion of Theotokos. The Temple of Eisodion, as Cathedral and Metropolitan and Protector of the City, concentrates the religious and generally devotional interest of godly population of Chania.

During the 150 years of its life, the Temple has been identified with the fate, the life and the history of the City and has been valorized as one of the most remarkable historical monuments of Crete. According to historical testimonies, on the spot where the Cathedral Temple is located today, a small Temple existed since the beginning of the 11th century, dedicated to Eisodia of Theotokos. The Venetians demolished this small Temple and replaced it with a big storehouse for the needs of their Monastery, located across Halidon Street. Later on, when the Ottomans enslaved Crete (1695), they transformed this Catholic storehouse into a soap making workshop that operated up to 1850. The construction of the new Cathedral was completed in 1860.

The Temple of Eisodion is also known with the alter name “Trimartyri” because it is designed having three aisles. The central, where Eisodia of Theotokos are honored, the right, where the Three Hierarches, Fathers and protectors of Greek Language are honored, and the left, where Agios Nikolaos is honored, compensating for the homonym Temple of Splantzia that Turks had turned into a mosque. The Temple celebrates on November 21, feast day of Eisodion of Theotokos, which is also a holiday for the City of Chania.

Municipal Unit: Chania (Halidon Street)
Working hours: Every day
Entrance: Free (with appropriate clothes)
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