The iconic Venetian Harbor is the picture-perfect, social media ‘must-share’, part of Chania city, where architecture travels you to its historical past.

The exquisite monuments, along with the restored centuries-old buildings, create a one-of-a-kind setting that clearly belongs to everyone’s bucket list. The iconic landmark of Chania, the Venetian Harbor clearly shows the grave importance of the city during the Venetian era of Crete (1204 – 1669). In fact, during that time, when Chania city (La Canea) was the capital of the island, the harbor of Chania was ranking second following the one in Venice. It had a capacity of more than 40 galleys, which controlled the naval trade in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Venetian architectural legacy is so fine and well-built that it exudes charm and unique character, adding value to the harbor, to this day.