At Froudia of Akrotiri, on a hill top, within a beautiful landscape, one will find the Memorial Tombs of Eleftherios and Sofoklis Venizelos, the 16th century A.D. Venetian chapel of Prophet Elias and the memorial statue of Spyros Kagiales, hero of the 1897 rebellion. The spot offers unforgettable panoramic views of the entire city of Chania, facing the magical sunsets that shower the Cretan sea with endless colors.

The hill top Froudia at Akrotiri, on the east side of the city, was of major strategic and historic importance throughout the centuries. The two nave temple of Prophet Elias was also dedicated to Prophet Elysseo in the 16th century. It was built according to Venetian standards of ecclesiastic architecture. There are testimonies that there used to be a convent. In 1897, following the bombardment of the hill during the Greek rebellion against the Turks, the chapel was destroyed, yet the Tsar of Russia, Nicolas, funded its entire restoration. Prior to 1972 the chapel was surrounded by the Village of Profitis Elias, however in 1973 the area was expropriated by the State for the creation of the memorial area of the Venizelos Tombs, paying tribute to the Great Ethnarch of Greece and his son Sofoklis who was also the Prime Minister of Greece from 1943 to 1952. Another honoring memorial found in the premises is the statue of Spyros Kagiales who heroically used his torso substituting the broken pole of the Greek flag during the bombings. His act impressed the Generals of the Great Forces reversing their stance against the Greek rebellion of 1897.

Today the chapel of Profitis Elias is very popular among the locals for ceremonies, such as weddings and christenings, and the gardens are daily visited by locals and tourists for a walk and a glimpse of the amazing panoramic views of Chania city. Beyond the premises of the Tombs, it is worth visiting the Theological School of Crete in Saint Mathew (Agios Mattheos) area, taking its name by the chapel of St Mathew within the premises of the school. The neighborhood is on a woody hill top, hosting some of the most prestigious real estates of Chania. The Theological School itself owns a significant piece of wooded land, with facilities for children since it was once a boarding school for girls and later on an orphanage. Another worth visiting nearby spot is the Park for Preservation of Flora & Fauna of the Technical University of Crete. Within 30 acres of land, observe and experience this unique indigenous ecosystem, protected by human intervention with views of the Cretan Sea.