An one-of-a-kind museum celebrating typography

The only Museum of Typography in Greece is located in Chania, only 4 km from the city of Chania, in the Industrial Park of Souda.

The Museum of Typography, which officially opened its gates in May 2005, includes a collection of fine printing presses and other machines, as well as tools and objects that represent the progress of typography from its birth, the period of Gutenberg till today.

Rare books and newspapers, as well as precious lithography, take the visitor upon a journey in the world of Typography. The effort to enrich the Museum with new exhibits and to contact and connect with the people of Typography is ceaseless. In April 2012, the museum was extended with the addition of a new wing, adding exhibits in its collection related to the development of graphic arts, as well as two significant exhibitions that are related with the development of typography and the history of writing. During the visit, you may print using the old printing press.

Address: Industry Park of Souda, Building 13-03, Souda, Chania.
Tel.: +30 28210  80091
E-Mail: [email protected]