One of the three most important cities/states of the Minoan civilization.

The modern city of Chania is built on the site of the ancient Minoan city/state, Kydonia, or ku-do-ni-ja as it appears on Linear B script, which, according to ancient legends, was one of the three cities founded by King Minos in Crete.
The settlement’s center is the hill of Kasteli and it is the most important of the prefecture. Large residences with well-built rooms, elegant floors with circular cavities, perhaps fireplaces, coated walls with deep red mortar, door frames and ceramics of excellent quality, are some of the findings that indicate the existence of a significant proto-Minoan center. The extended excavations at Kasteli, one of the most important archaeological sites of the prehistoric period of Crete, continue to be carried out, ever since 1966, by the 25th curator of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Some of the most important findings are available at the Archaeological Museum of Chania.

Municipal Unit: Chania
Address: “Kasteli” hill and “Splanzia” district, old city of Chania
Working hours: 08:00-15:00