A small beach with a unique charm, that provides seclusion.

Macherida beach is located 14 km northeast of Chania city. It is in a distance of 1 km from Chorafakia village.

The beach is small, and hidden well inside a rocky bay. On the northern edge of the bay there is a knife-shaped cape, which gave the name to the beach (in Greek “macheri” means knife). But there is also the possibility that the beach took its name form the homonymous macherida flower (gladiolis italicus) that grows in Crete.

No matter where its name came from, the small sandy beach is perfect for swimming, with turquoise water, and very well protected by summer winds. The water is deep and clear, due to the ever-changing currents in the area.

The small strip of sand of Macherida beach comes in contrast with the rocky environment of the bay, creating a unique natural environment. The beach is not organized and its relative isolation makes it popular with nudists.