An Instagram looking beach in Akrotiri, with its own picturesque islet.

Kalathas beach is located 11 km northeast of Chania, at the west coast of Akrotiri peninsula. It is the beach of the homonymous Kalathas village, which is located uphill.

The beach is relatively big, with great water and fine sand. It is organized, with sunbeds and parasols, water sports, lifeguard service, beach bar etc. If you prefer more seclusion, you can walk to the western edge of the main beach, and after some rock formations, you can reach a smaller secluded beach.

The shallow water of the beach makes it ideal for families with children. Opposite the beach, and in a distance of only 200 m, there is a small picturesque islet, where you can easily swim to.

Kalathas beach is one of these “secret” beaches around Chania city, that most locals know about, but generally go unnoticed by visitors. If you like to explore around Chania city, a trip to this special beach is recommended!