The village, the bay and the port, all together create a place worth visiting.

Souda is a big village (or rather a small town) at a distance of 7 km west of Chania city. It is a relatively new settlement, as it was built around 1870 on a reclaimed land that used to be marshland. The main reason for the development and growth of the village is the establishment of the Port of Souda, which today serves as the commercial and passenger port of Chania city. In the last decades, many houses have been built in the area between the village and Chania city, making Souda feel like a suburb of the city.

Souda is located on the deepest point of the magnificent Souda Bay, one of the longest and most well-protected bays in the Mediterranean. This is the reason why there are two crucial military naval bases: One of the Greek Navy, and one of the NATO naval forces. Consequently, it is clear that Souda town stands on an uber strategic location. At the opposite side of the bay you can find the Allied War Cemetery of Chania, the resting place of the brave men from all over the world who sacrificed their life to defend Crete from the German invading army during WWII.
Most visitors know Souda as the point of arrival when travelling with a ferry or a ship, on their way to Chania city or other known destinations on the island. However, the village itself is pretty nice and has some great taverns with traditional Cretan food, especially seafood. Souda village may not be so picturesque or unique as other more traditional villages in Crete, but its location, providing endless view to the amazing Souda bay, and its good infrastructure, make it stand out.