Poster,sketch of the old port of Chania

Greek Tourism Organisation Poster Exhibition 1929-2009


In the context of the bicentennial celebrations since the Greek Revolution of 1821, the District of Crete, the regional unit of Chania, 2021, KEPPEDIH – CAM, the International Association Friends of Nikos Kazantzakis / Chania Department and the Committee of Chania district “Chania 1821- 12021”, with the support of the Greek National Tourism Oranisation (G.N.T.O.), held an exhibition titled “Travelling GREECE…”, with selected posters designed for the G.N.T.O. dating back since its foundation up until 2009.

The Center of Mediterranean Architecture (C.A.M.) hosted the exhibition, from 11.8.2021 till 12.09.2021.The collection of G.N.T.O. posters belongs to Lefteris Labrakis who is a collector of many thematic posters, starting back from the first one dating back in 1926 depicting a photo of the Acropolis Propylae taken by the famous photographer Nelly’s.

The posters’ exhibition showed a great turnout of visitors, thanks to its high artistic value, since many of them are designed by world class Greek painters such as Moralis and Vasiliou. Another reason of interest was how these posters produced, in a time span of 70 years, a living testimony of the marketing and design evolution.

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