The historic location where the Cretan revolution against the Ottomans began.

Mpoutsounaria is a historic location in Kladisos valley with plane trees and water sources. This was the place where the meetings of Cretan rebels took place during the revolution of 19th century against the Turks. It was a popular location where the majority of Cretan events took place. In 1825, Mustafa Pasha’s party was defeated by the Cretans. On May 1858, Velis Pasha threatened the Cretans that he will attack the 7000 rebels. In response, the rebels with their Chief Commander Manousogiannakis threatened that they would cut off the water flow of Mpoutsounaria, that was providing not only the city with water but also the gardens at Sersempilia. Under this threat, the Turks made a deal accepting the Christians’ requests.