There is an ever increasing number of visitors who are looking to consolidate their relationship through the sacred vows of marriage with a wedding in Chania; and then there are those who are planning their honeymoon in Chania as the ideal destination to experience newlywed bliss.

In recent years, Chania has been attracting a substantial number of people that dream of having their destination wedding in Chania. Most people of Cretan origin living elsewhere in Greece and abroad, dream of having their special day planned in Crete, so that they can reconnect with their roots and show their guests the Cretan traditions and customs. On the other end of the spectrum, there are grooms and brides to be that love the Cretan way of life and dream of having a civil wedding at the location of their choice. Honeymooners are flocking in during the summer season, to live the Cretan dream with their new respective spouses, and embark on their lifetime journey with the sweetest and most genuine honeymoon memories.