Collage of photos of Chania

Instagram Takeover 2021


This summer season, Chania’s Tourism Bureau took the initiative to run a new type of marketing campaign, titled as the “Instagram Takeover 2021”. The concept of the campaign relies on giving away the ‘keys’ of the official Instagram account of the Bureau to citizens, in order to showcase and communicate the Municipality’s touristic product, from their unique point of view. Starting on the 28th of May and throughout regular time periods, the official Instagram account of the Municipality’s Tourism Bureau was taken over by everyday people, from different walks of life, amateurs and professionals of tourism, advertising, photography and the Arts.



This year, five people participated in the campaign, each one of them taking over the Instagram for an entire week, flooding its content with amazing photographs and multiple interactive stories. In order of appearance: Evan Possley, Eva Trezou, George Nikolakakis, Nikos Zanidakis and George Galanakis share in common their love and enthusiasm for Chania, their inspiration being well documented in written words accompanied by and an out-of-the-box photography shot. The campaign created a big buzz and a wave of followers flooded the account as well as people that were really interested to participate in the campaign. Chania is a City of Many Tales and it is about time they are recorded and presented by the same people that experience them and weave them on a daily basis. 

The Old city

The Old city

The Old city