An astonishing gorge a stone's throw away from Chania city.

Therissos Gorge is the most accessible gorge near the city of Chania. It is located 6km south of Chania, between the villages of Perivolia and Therissos. It is a small gorge, around 9km in length and 15-250m wide, however it owns most of the diverse and rich characteristics of larger gorges. At its entry where it is wide, it is surrounded by orange groves and vines, whereas at its most narrow points, it is enclosed by steep cliffs, plane trees and oleanders. It has a rich endemic flora and fauna hosting the habitat of some endangered species. There is a road along the length of the gorge that leads up to the historical and heroic village of Therissos and connects the city with the White Mountains.

Therissos village was considered the den of freedom fighters against the Ottoman occupation. In 1866 it was burned down by Mustafa Naili Pasha and most residents fled. However in 1905, the Revolution of Therissos led by Eleftherios Venizelos fought for the unification of Crete with the liberated Greece. Should you find yourself there, you should visit El. Venizelos’s headquarters that houses the historical museum of Therissos and the Museum of National Resistance.