Experience a unique Easter mass in Akrotiri.

The convent of Timios Prodromos is located in Korakies of Akrotiri. It is a historical woman’s cloth convent that is known to local people as the convent of nuns. The convent was destroyed many times by the different conquerors of Crete and thus the valuable files that could help for the precise dating of the monastery were lost.

It is believed however that it was initially founded before the Conquest of Istanbul, in the coastal region of Agia Kiriaki Halepa. Later, however, when the piratical raids of Arabs began, the nuns were transported to a safer place, on the hill of Agios Matthaios, to finally come at the current place. The convent is surrounded by a tall wall and the central entry is vigil, in relation to the other monasteries around Akrotiri. The double temple of Agios Ioannis Prodromos (it is celebrated on August 29) and Agios Georgios (it is celebrated on April 23), is located in the center of the wooded yard, surrounded by frugal cells and the auxiliary buildings of the monastery. The icons of the convent are hand-made by nuns. The chapels of Agios Andreas Kritis and Panagia Portaitissa are also housed in the convent.

Municipal Unit: Akrotiri
Working hours: Daily 08.00-18.00
Entrance: Free (with appropriate clothes /the entrance is allowed for groups)
Tel.: +30 28210 64571/66725