One of the most special beaches in Chania, with fantastic deep azure water.

Seitan Limania beach, also called Agios Stefanos (St. Stephen), or simply Stefanou, is a unique beach at the eastern part of the Akrotiri peninsula. It is in a distance of 22 km from Chania city and 2 km from the nearby village of Chordaki.

The name of the beach means “harbors of devil”, as in the region there are three deep and narrow rocky coves, which where famously dangerous for ships, when they got into them to be protected from strong winds. In the distant past, the coves used to be pirate lairs.

The northern of the three coves, however, has now become more of a heaven on earth, as through the centuries the sea has carved there an amazing tropical-like beach, with azure water and a combination of beautiful black and white pebbles and fine sand. The rough rocky landscape only adds to the charm.

The beach is at the end of the Diplohahalo gorge. To get to it, you have to park your car on an elevated point, and then hike downwards for about 10-15 min, so it is strongly advised to wear good, durable shoes.

Seitan Limania beach is totally not organized, so you have to bring everything you need with you (including protection from the hot summer sun). But the wonderful water and the unique natural environment of the beach, totally make up for any extra effort.